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Designed and developed website user experience and interface




For this project I took three existing websites for Vitu and created one website that contains all the information in a more concise and intuitive manner.

This website is a place to learn more about who Vitu is as a company and the type of internal culture they exhibit. It is targeted towards potential new employees and people looking to learn more about who Vitu is and not just what the company does.


I began the project by analyzing the three existing websites. I realized that there was repetitive content throughout the three and created a new website architecture that is user compact and user friendly.

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During early phases the navigation was not very clear. There was a seperate state selection navigaiton that was not intuitive or cohesive with the rest of the navigation. The interface was not aligned with the brand and company voice.

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The final website design has an aesthetic that aligns more with thee brand's visual style. The website's home page introduces the different branches and affiliated comanies within Vitu. The navigation has been simplified taking out the state selection option and having it be on the same level as the other navbar items.

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