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Re-designed and assisted in the development of website user experience and interface


Vitu Driver


Driver by Vitu is the revolutionary way to track and automatically renew your vehicles. Driver helps users take advantage of flexible payment options and timely notifications.

For this project I took the beta phase of the existing website and user flows. I developed a more intuitive navigation process for signing up for the application. I also created an interface that aligns more with the Vitu brand.


I began the project by analyzing the existing website and user flow. After the analysis phase I developed a new website architecture for the consumer facing website, this was not including the sign up user flow. Once the consumer website was developed I worked with a team to identify pain points through Google analytics. We identified the user dropoff rates in order to simplify the sign up process.

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The current design did not match the Vitu branding as much as the company would like it to. The sign up and sign in user flows were too complicated and based off of Google analytics users were dropping off right before they get into the application user dashboard.

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The final website design has a friendly visual style that associates with the Vitu brand yet still feels like its own product. The website's navigation has been simplified in order to help users complete the sign up process. This application is still being developed and tested in order to improve the current functionality.

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