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Designed website flow, layout and content


University of Washington

The Break Up is a website campaign and thrift store concept (a.k.a. The Rebound) that recognizes clothing through the lens of human relationships. The website shares stories of memories that people have with their clothes and documents them breaking up with that item.

The goal of the project is to get people to start thinking about where their clothing is coming from and going to. The Break Up encourages people to shop and get rid of their clothes in a more sustainable manner.


We began researching more sustainable options for shopping and fabric. We conducted an analysis of different thrift stores within our area to learn baout the system. Once we landed on a concept we started to collect stories and develop a website to share those on.

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During early phases, on the home page, it was not clear that the website was about clothing. It seemed as if it may have been a dating website. The catalogue page was boring and came as a surprise to the users. The visual identity was not refined or cohesive.

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The final website design has a friendly and cheeky visual style. The website's home page introduces the idea that people's relationships with clothing are similar to human relationships. It encourages users to delve deeper into the website to read stories and learn about sustainable shopping methods.

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Created in collaboration with Jennifer Vuong and Julie Kim.