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Designed the user flow for verbal and written test options


University of Washington

Americards is a redesign of an existing app that helps people learn the 100 questions on the U.S. citizenship exam.

This project was three months long and it focused heavily on user research, application feasibility, user experience and responsiveness. The final product was created in Sketch and prototyped using InVision.


In order to create a new application architecture we had participants organize cards, with the names of application pages on them, in a sequence that made more sense. We learned that people could not agree on where the practice test section and flashcard section would go in the architectural hierarcy.

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After interviewing a U.S. citizen, who had recently taken the citizenship test, we learned that the test is intimidating because there is no written section. The results are announced by the proctor right after a question is answered. From this insight we decided that the app should have a verbal test option.

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In order to improve the visual design we created a light and colorful aesthetic. Progressive onboarding is used to show first–time users how to properly navigate through a flashcard deck. A proper hierarchy has been established through type size, weight and case.

After the interview we decided to emphasize the importance of practicing a verbal test because the citizenship test is done verbally. The verbal test design is minimalistic and simple because it is less distracting for the users. We want the users to focus more on what they are saying, than what is happening on the screen.

We also decided to keep a written option so the app can be used in public spaces.

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Created in collaboration with Dana Golan, Peter Franko and Sahm Lee.